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2012 Olympian Justin Lester Visits Massillon, OH

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2012 Olympian Justin Lester Visits Massillon, OH

When it comes to wrestling in Ohio, the state itself has a lot to be known for.

From US Freestyle Coach Bobby Douglas from Bridgeport, OH (one of the only 3 guys to ever defeat Olympic Champion Dan Gable), to Lee Kemp from Chardon, OH



(the youngest American to capture a world or Olympic gold medal), we now can recognize 2012 Olympian Justin (Harry) Lester and add him to the list of incredibly talented wrestlers that were born and raised in Ohio.


Justin is already a 2x World Bronze Medalist as well as a 4x State Champion from CVCA (Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy) and now owns the title: OLYMPIAN.

This past Sunday, Justin made a special trip to Massillon, OH for a unique event that brought in visitors from Florida, Pennsylvania, West Virginia along with others from all parts of Ohio.

The gym was vibrant with RED WHITE AND BLUE, STARS AND STRIPES, USA FLAGS and dozens of smiles that came from cheerful youth kids all the way up to our seniors that couldn’t wait to see what Justin was going to show next.  He kept the energy high and everyone on their toes for over 60 minutes.  Afterwards, he shared stories, autographs and pictures to a long line of eager fans he didn’t even know he had.


The unique part about this event was, Justin didn’t charge anyone for their attendance. It was his special way of giving back to the community.

Donations and Contributions were accepted, in return, anyone that did so received either an autographed photo or you could’ve picked from a collection of training apparel featuring Justin Lester’s brand and sponsors.  It was very clear to everyone that attended, Harry’s motto was simply put… You give to me, I give you something back!   VERY COOL !!!


With the 2012 Olympics just a few weeks away, I can name a big ol’ list of fans that hope to see Justin in action and if all goes right, welcome back OHIO’S FIRST OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST:  JUSTIN (HARRY) LESTER !!!


Justin will be representing TEAM USA in the 66kg weight class wrestling in the GRECO ROMAN Division..

Visit the link below to check your local TV Listings in your area..

You might just see him in action, let’s hope NBC ==>





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