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5 Things Women Do Wrong When Dieting! Fit Tips in Massillon

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5 Things Women Do Wrong When Dieting! Fit Tips in Massillon

Here’s what we know. Women aren’t alone when it comes to wanting to reduce body fat and tone up a bit.  Wanting a leaner, more athletic body is not gender specific. Nor should it be.  Our society as a whole seems to be getting worse in the health and fitness department.  We’re going to spare the obesity topic and save it for a post all by itself.

When it comes to dieting and “eating clean” most women do it wrong from the very beginning.

The goal, wish, dream or thought of having a leaner body is what usually gets things started.  There isn’t really anything wrong with this but more often than not, it doesn’t seem to get the job done. Every year on December 31st, there are literally millions of women and men both that wish, dream and think about losing weight repeatedly. Yes, year after year they do the same thing and usually have the same reason for their WHY!


Which brings us to #1.


Why you want to do something, something that brings change, meaning something you need to change, the reason WHY you want to do this “Something” is what matters most.  Remember this and this only. You want to be HEALTHY – with consistency, you can be the HEALTHIEST you’ve ever been.  This could be the only reason you need to eat better, exercise and start taking better care of yourself. Losing body fat will be a bonus. Looking better will be a bonus, FEELING better will be a bonus, wearing smaller clothes will be a bonus, having more confidence will be a bonus. You may need help, but you shouldn’t need any other reason to take care of yourself other than being healthy.  Right? Get this right and you’re on your way!

Moving forward, your WHY may be reinforced with short term goals. The sound of losing 20 lbs may seem a bit intimidating. Not only that, if this is your goal, you can’t start and stop with the thought, dream, wish or goal of losing 20 lbs.  A goal is something that needs to be not only realistic but also have a positive spin and more importantly a DEADLINE.  All goals have a positive spin and a deadline.





Which brings us to #2.


Most start with the end result… “I want to lose weight” or “I need to lose 20 lbs”… These are poorly written goals. Let’s get more specific by using real numbers and action oriented.

I will weigh 140 lbs (20 lbs less than I do now) in 6 weeks.

or even better…

I will weigh 140 lbs in 6 weeks by improving my nutrition habits, getting more sleep, and exercising 3 times per week.

Feel free to add in emotions to your goal such as “I will feel amazing when I weigh 140 lbs…” as it adds some positivity to your goal when you read it.

The key here is simple, you are projecting that the goal will happen (I will vs I want to), you are being specific (the exact weight), you are being positive (list the weight you will be vs the weight you will lose), and you have actions to help you reach the goal (3 times per week exercise).

Remember, setting great goals is a huge part of ensuring your success.

For some, this may be all you need, but not for all. Some may be reading this and saying, “I did this and still haven’t accomplished my goal.” More often then not, your nutrition is the culprit. Believe it or not, most have no idea what their doing. They start with dropping their carbs because they read somewhere that to lose weight they need to cut out carbs.



Which brings us to #3.


Instead of cutting carbs right off the bat, most need to “ADD PROTEIN.” The key to dropping body fat is by creating a calorie deficit and MOST importantly, BALANCING YOUR METABOLISM. Read that again…

Until you balance your metabolism by eating balanced meals… meaning your meals are complete with proteins – fats – carbs, you’re going to be throwing darts blind-folded. You may hit the bulls-eye once or even hit a 20-30… but you’ll also miss a bunch. You’ll still have cravings, You’ll still be tired at 230 pm everyday, You’ll still be hungry all the time. Instead of reducing your carbs, think in terms of sugar. Start with not eating foods with added sugars. Carbs are not always the culprit causing you to gain weight. You can eat vegetables ALL DAY. What you don’t need is bread, chips, cookies, pies, cakes, donuts, etc. Make sure you have a lean protein source at every meal (at least 3 meals a day), along with some vegetables and fruit. Do this 4 days a week and watch what happens.  Keep it simple.

Depending on your daily activities, your sleep habits, and what you do “extra” that helps lead you closer to your goal, makes a world of difference. The majority of women think they need to do MORE CARDIO.  You may have even caught yourself saying something similar… “I need to start running again”, “I need to get on the treadmill”… Yet, we have probably done this before in the past and for some reason think it will work if we try it again.  Let’s start thinking like this, you workout to improve skills, not to WEIGH LESS. Skills you need, like strength, power, speed, balance, coordination, accuracy, flexibility and better cardio.  Skills that actually improve the quality of your life. Flipping a rope all over the place isn’t a workout. When it comes to reducing body fat and making a person better, STRENGTH will always come to the top of the list. Think of a family member that has a few years on you, perhaps a grandparent. Are they strong or weak? You need to know that as we age, we lose muscle and our bones get weaker.

Stacie Tovar


Which brings us to #4.


Instead of adding more cardio, ADD STRENGTH TRAINING.  Muscle is a major contributor to your metabolism and how everything works. You remember back in 5th or 6th grade when we learned about ATP (Adenosine triphosphate), protein synthesis and all that jargon. Well, you should be trying to maximize this whole system. By simply training to make your body stronger, you can help your muscles grow and become more flexible. Your muscles need protein – fats and carbs in order to operate efficiently and repair themselves. If you’re not trying to build muscle, instead, you’re just doing your same ol’ same ol’… No matter how much or how hard you diet and RUN or flip a rope around, you won’t see a terrible amount of muscular definition anywhere on your body unless you’ve already spent some time building mass. Your going to do this by using resistance. Not Boot Camp, Not Zumba, Not Pilates. These fads do not offer enough resistance. You’ll need to add weight training. You’ll soon have to introduce yourself to a barbell or heavier kettle bells or heavier dumbbells if you ever want to see the BEST version of you.

For the MAJORITY of women, tips 1-4 will without a doubt get the job done. But if you’re part of the last 15% and you’ve been eating balanced meals 4-5 days a week, you’ve been attacking the gym with authority and you’re still not where you want to be… It’s still YOUR FAULT.  But we can help!




Which brings us to #5.

You need more “ACCOUNTABILITY”

You’ve probably heard from all the guru’s, “you need to tell EVERYONE about your goal”, “Make it Public”… For some, this can produce some magical results, but not for all. It seems even for those who publish their goals on every social media site still find it easy to slack off and eventually quit.  Why does this happen … ?


Fact is, the gals who do this aren’t accountable to anyone. Their not tracking their habits, they eventually stop weighing in and checking their weight. They eventually make some bad food choices (more than once) and soon miss a week or two of training and eventually fall back into their old ways simple because they don’t have anyone that really cares if they hit their goal or not.  As we covered already, you don’t need any better reason to start taking care of yourself other than to be healthier (and stronger).  You made need help to get you there, but you really don’t need any other reason.

What has proven to work time and time again is OWNING YOUR ACTIONS and having someone of importance to you that will keep you accountable. The rest comes down to being coach-able and never giving up.


Here are a few ideas you can ponder over… if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been at this game for a while, take in consideration:


These 5 Tips are used for our VIP’s at TSPC/CrossFit Massillon and prove to produce very impressive results over and over again. We’re not guessing when it comes to transformations, providing un-paralleled accountability and having a community of like-minded women determined to be the fittest they can be.  The rest is making sure we have a lot of fun in the process.


Best of luck and Thanks for Reading!!



Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  


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