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5 Things Women Do Wrong When Dieting! Fit Tips in Massillon

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5 Things Women Do Wrong When Dieting! Fit Tips in Massillon

Here’s what we know. Women aren’t alone when it comes to wanting to reduce body fat and tone up a bit.  Wanting a leaner, more athletic body is not gender specific. Nor should it be.  Our society as a whole seems to be getting worse in the health and fitness department.  We’re going to spare the obesity topic and save it for a post all by itself.

When it comes to dieting and “eating clean” most women do it wrong from the very beginning.

The goal, wish, dream or thought of having a leaner body is what usually gets things started.  There isn’t really anything wrong with this but more often than not, it doesn’t seem to get the job done. Every year on December 31st, there are literally millions of women and men both that wish, dream and think about losing weight repeatedly. Yes, year after year they do the same thing and usually have the same reason for their WHY!


Which brings us to #1.


Why you want to do something, something that brings change, meaning something you need to change, the reason WHY you want to do this “Something” is what matters most.  Remember this and this only. You want to be HEALTHY – with consistency, you can be the HEALTHIEST you’ve ever been.  This could be the only reason you need to eat better, exercise and start taking better care of yourself. Losing body fat will be a bonus. Looking better will be a bonus, FEELING better will be a bonus, wearing smaller clothes will be a bonus, having more confidence will be a bonus. You may need help, but you shouldn’t need any other reason to take care of yourself other than being healthy.  Right? Get this right and you’re on your way!

Moving forward, your WHY may be reinforced with short term goals. The sound of losing 20 lbs may seem a bit intimidating. Not only that, if this is your goal, you can’t start and stop with the thought, dream, wish or goal of losing 20 lbs.  A goal is something that needs to be not only realistic but also have a positive spin and more importantly a DEADLINE.  All goals have a positive spin and a deadline.


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