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6 Body Composition Tips for Women-

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6 Body Composition Tips for Women-

There is a ton of information regarding weight loss for women. Some of it good, some not so good!

Often times we confuse something that is actually simple with something that is impossible. Weight loss / fat loss is one of them.  The problem most have is their lifestyle aka, current habits that are hard to break.

So I challenge you to follow these 6 simple tips that will without any doubt help you not only reduce body fat but also increase your strength.

1). Train with heavy weights

2). Do intervals for cardio (sprinting works the best)

3). Eat protein and healthy fat at every meal

4). Enjoy more carbs on training days, less carbs on non-training days

5). Be sure to get plenty of sleep aka, control your stress.

6). Stretch out your body everyday


If you haven’t trained using weights before, I encourage you to hire a professional for help and guidance. There are a lot of “trainer’s” out there as with information regarding weight loss, some of them are good, most not so good.

I’d advise looking for a coach skilled with olympic lifts and power lifts.

Hint: You probably won’t find them in the local rec. center or ymca. Personal Trainer as well as Group Training Certifications are available on Groupon… Be careful who you decide to work with 🙂


Stick with these 6 tips and soon enough, you will be pleasantly surprised with your results…




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