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6 Tips on How To Get Great Looking Abs

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Best Ab Tip #1

Quit wasting time with tons of ab exercises and take a look at what you are eating first.

Best Ab Tip #2

Stop wasting money on fat burners and start getting to you local TRU-STRENGTH gym regularly to do a full body resistance workout with large compound exercises.

Best Ab Tip #3

Start sprinting and watch your core tighten up like a mo fo! Not to mention your shoulders, glutes, hams and calves. Forget about that lame a$$ elliptical machine and do something that actually requires work!

Best Ab Tip #4

DO NOT GO ON A NO CARB DIET. Seriously, you may lose a pound or two in water weight at the beginning but you’ll gain it back when you crash and burn and are on your hands and knees crying for a piece of bread. You need a balance of carbs, fats, and proteins to make that metabolism fire for the long term.

Best Ab Tip #5

Drink at least a couple of liters of water a day! Your body stores it’s mega toxins in your fat cells. If you cannot provide enough dilution to excrete these toxins safely then your body will not, WILL NOT, metabolize those fat cells. It would make the body toxic.

Best Ab Tip #6

The REAL secret to getting eye popping abs is not so much in the development of the actual abdominals themselves! WHAT? It’s true. The real secret to awesome abs is in dropping your body fat levels. Notice I said body fat levels and not scale weight.

Everyone has a set of abs just waiting to pop like a washboard, right there, just below that little bit of flab around the belly button. Maybe it got there from college beer fests or maybe because you never got off that extra bit from having the two kids. Doesn’t matter.

Everyone has a model worthy set of abs just below that extra body fat.

Watch your nutrition and food intake for a while. Get a couple workouts in for the FULL BODY (not just the abs) and speed up the metabolism with some high intensity interval cardio to make the whole process faster.

It’s not that difficult and doesn’t take as long as you might think..


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