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7 Pure Ways To Pack On Muscle

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7 Pure Ways To Pack On Muscle

Recently I’ve been getting asked how to build muscle more often than how to get lean, which is a nice change of pace.

So here are 7 things to do to make sure you’re not wasting your workouts if your goal is to pack on a few pounds (or more) of muscle:

1. Use full body workouts, 3 days per week – I’ve found this to be optimal for myself and my clients… Any more and adherence becomes an issue as does recovery, any less and stimulus isn’t optimal for muscle growth.

2. Workout for just under an hour – If you think more = better, think again. If you feel fresh after an hour, you need to up your intensity.


If you’re training hard, 1 hour is plenty. If you go beyond 1 hour, your strength will be vastly diminished so you might as well use that time to focus on #3…

3. Eat your protein and carbs after your workout – I’m talking right after. Like the minute you drop the weights on the last set, start hammering the food back like a starving werewolf. Actually, start with a shake consisting of about 30 grams protein plus 60 grams of carbs, then continue.

4. Sleep 8 hours a night – Sleepy time is when you grow. If you’re currently doing everything right but sleeping 5-6 hours a night, making this single change will put your muscle building into overdrive.

5. Limit the cardio – Your goal is to grow, not sprint or run a marathon right? So focus your training on the task at hand. You’ve only got so much adaptation energy in you – so if your body is trying to adapt to cardio and muscle growth at the same time, it’ll do poorly at both. Don’t worry about a few extra pounds of fat – they’ll burn off faster after you’re done packing on the mass because of an increased metabolic rate.

6. Make progress each and every workout – This may sound simple, but it’s more complex than you might think. If this were true, and you added 1 pound to your bench press every workout, every guy out there would have a 400 pound bench in 2 years. But, there are ways you can trick your body, which is revealed in this 8-week Muscle Building Blueprint (you get this when you order the Ultimate MMA S&C Deluxe Package)…

7. Stick to the program – If there’s 1 enemy almost everyone has when trying to achieve results it’s the inability to stick to the plan. Do your research, choose your plan, then stick with it the whole way. Only at the end of this process will you truly know if the program worked or didn’t, but most likely even if it’s a crappy program, if you stick with it, you’ll get results.

I can’t tell you how important it is to have a coach guiding you through the process and holding you accountable.

It can make a ton of difference regarding the results you’ll achieve compared to doing it alone..

Either way, putting on lean muscle is a good thing for obvious reasons.



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