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Add Variety For Fat Burning and Building Lean Muscle- Quick Weight Loss Training in Massillon

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Add Variety For Fat Burning and Building Lean Muscle- Quick Weight Loss Training in Massillon

Walk into any gym and what is the typical weight workout you see?  Probably some guy stacking 2 plates on each side of the barbell getting ready to bench 3 sets of 12.  Then he’ll probably head over to the pec dec machine do a set or two for 20 reps, followed by a few sets of dumbbell curls, tricep pushdowns, and some shoulder extensions on the cable machines.  He’ll probably end the workout on the treadmill or bike for some cooling down.

Now this workout is fine if you just want to train to say you went to the gym, but this type of workout can get boring very easily.  And boredom is one of the motivator killers of training.  It’s also a one-dimensional way of training that doesn’t transfer well to other athletic endeavors.

Ask yourself, is that how you’re currently training?  Are you just going through the motions of training and winging your workouts?

I’m going to say there is a better way of training. More dynamic ways of training that can be productive and effective while being successful at helping you reach your body transformation, fat loss, and muscle gaining goals.

You can use different exercise modalities and different ways of training to keep your workouts fresh and force you to be more alert.  Exercise modalities means you can train in many different ways: weights/strength training, body weight exercises, kettlebells, sandbags, running, biking, and other forms of cardio. Each can be used to achieve certain fitness goals and objectives to building muscle, improving conditioning, getting fitter, and losing body fat.

Conventional wisdom doesn’t necessarily bring the best results. You need variety.

1) weights, free weights

2) body weight exercise

3) combination of body weight exercises and free weights exercises

4) distance work, includes high intensity interval cardio, biking, running, jogging, sprinting,  swimming, elliptical, walking, rowing, long and short distances.

Man or Woman, You can accomplish your body transformation goals using a variety of the above exercise modalities.  Variety is good.  Nature loves variety, if you take action and train.  The law of specificity says your training has to be specific to your goals.  And building muscle requires resistance training.  Your body is the resistance.  Further, you can also combine body weight and free weights to build muscle.  Additionally, you can use it to burn fat and lose weight, especially if you apply high intensity protocol to the workouts.

For example, you know heavy weights build muscle and unstoppable strength. You will build muscle if you’re able to crank out multiple sets of 12 reps with handstand pushups, better than if you were to do 3 sets of 12 on the bench press.  And try doing a set of single legged squats while holding a 45 pounds kettlebell or dumbbell.  You’ll build more muscle, strength, balance, and flexibility than leg presses or leg extensions.

You can combine a bunch of exercises together for a full body workout into circuits.  Great for fat loss and building endurance while improving conditioning.

With distance work, you can run short intervals or long intervals rather than a slow jogging session for an hour.  You can even combine running with body weight exercises at a park with a pull-up bar or monkey bars.  For example, go to your local track or park and run really fast for about 1/4 mile (4oo meters), then do a set of 20 pushups, 10 pullups, and 5 bench dips, rest for 2 minutes by walking and take deep breaths.  Then repeat 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds.  The entire workout can be done in under 30 minutes.  This higher intensity can help you lose more weight as it elevates metabolism several days after the workout so you end up burning more overall calories than if you were to just jog for an hour.

The main point is that there are plenty of different strategies and methods of training and working out.

Don’t get bored. Don’t quit.


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