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Do Men Burn More Fat than Women?

Editorial Staff September 14, 2009 Nutrition, Tru-Strength Boot Camps Comments Off on Do Men Burn More Fat than Women?
Men and women are not built the same way, we already know that.
We also know there is something different in our bodies due to the way hormones change the balance between muscle and fat and shape the size of our bones to respond to different needs later on.

In men, the testosterone hormone determines the size of bones, causes hair growth and deepens the voice. It also regulates the size of the muscle mass, which it turn regulates the metabolism.

The more muscle mass, the faster a person burns the calories obtained from food, which is one of the big differences between men and women and between overweight people and those who are fit.

It’s an easily recognizable fact that men and women training side by side do not have the same results. Recent studies have found that women gain weight faster than men and that they have a harder time getting rid of it through exercise.

It seems that women have the misfortune of being stuck with the worst part of the weight loss process and also with having to work twice as hard as men to stay in shape. And since this is no easy task for men, you can imagine how bad the ladies have it.

Another thing that makes it even worse for the ladies is the modern obsession with a thin body. Repeated attempts to drop the extra pounds teach the body to hang on to the existing fat and so weight loss becomes harder and harder as the years pass, while the women become more and more desperate and willing to try even half-baked ideas that should simply be avoided.

This leads to dieting that makes the person thinner, but not healthier. Quite on the contrary actually, since there are enough emaciated, rail-thin ladies around to serve as example.

A recent study published by the BBC showed that 62 obese women who exercised 4 hours per week and simply learned how to cook healthier meals felt a tremendous improvement in their self-image. They lost only 9 pounds over three months, but their blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rates were far better, they felt much better and was able to move / react much faster.

So, maybe women should start to move away from achieving a certain weight to just staying healthy and feeling good regardless of weight.

Maybe Tru-Strength Performance is slightly ahead of the trend, simply put, this is indeed the future of the weight loss industry: to help people feel better about themselves instead of harming their bodies while chasing a dream.

You can lose weight, reduce body fat levels and completely change the way you look without question, but harming your body in the long run is not the complete answer.  Nutrition AND Exercise are vital if your wanting to STAY LOOKING GOOD for years to come.

HINT for Women:  Don’t worry about “bulking up” like a man on the juice, it’s IMPOSSIBLE, understand you can increase your strength, build lean muscle tissue and in turn, YOUR BODY WILL BURN MORE CALORIES FROM FOOD JUST LIKE A MAN.


— T. Roehlig

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