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Finding Your Way- Live Better

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Finding Your Way- Live Better

Fads like slap wrist bracelets and beanie babies may come and go, but eating real food is something you should strive to make a part of your everyday life – always. It’s not always going to go 100% perfect all the time (what is?), but eating real food is a journey that we can get better at each day.

It is like the Maya Angelou quote:

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

This is a powerful truth. Now is the time to educate yourself and find your “WHY” – as in, “why should I eat real food?” Everyone’s “WHY” is different.

Maybe you want to lose weight to be able to play with your grand kids. Maybe you have an autoimmune disease that can be helped by eating real food. Maybe you want to have more respect and understanding of where your food came from. Whatever your “WHY” is, embrace it. It is there to help you learn more and give you the motivation to eat real food and reach your health goals.

Now why is this approach difference from fad diets? When you seek real food, you are getting real nutrients that actually satisfy your body for the long term, as opposed to tricking it on a short term basis. Yes, starving yourself will cause weight loss, but it is not sustainable and will ruin your health. Dieting is a horrible band aid to the real problem – your body needs real food to run properly and be healthy! That is why we do not promote strict calorie counting or eating diet foods, because you don’t need to! The beauty is that when you eat real food, your body is able to utilize those calories so much better than diet “food.”

Simply eat when you are hungry and stop when you are getting full… it is a magical thing, really. Your body will start to run much more efficiently and learn which balance of nutrients works best for you. Although everyone is different, we know that working with the real-food guidelines outlined in our Challenge will help you reach your health goals and sustain them for life.

It is time to put away the meal replacement bars and hundred calorie packs and discover the power of real food! Your body will thank you (and we bet the scale will, too).

You can do it!


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