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How Many Reps To GAIN MUSCLE? Training Tips: Massillon, OH

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How Many Reps To GAIN MUSCLE? Training Tips: Massillon, OH

What’s your goal for the rest of the summer?

I know quite a few people who reached their low body fat goal – some even achieved their lifelong dream of seeing six pack abs…

Now they want to gain some muscle, but they’re scared of gaining back the fat along with the muscle (which is very common… so it’s
not an unwarranted fear)

If you want to:

* Gain muscle WITHOUT getting fat (NO “bulking up” – just lean gains)
* Lose fat without losing muscle (FORGET the “lean but bean pole” look)
* Or even gain muscle and lose fat at the same time (The “holy grail”
of all fitness goals!)

A quick overview is often common for some, but not so common for others…

  • Reps 1 – 6 promotes MUSCLE STRENGTH
  • Reps 6 – 12 promotes MUSCLE GROWTH
  • Reps 12 + promotes MUSCLE ENDURANCE

If you’re wanting a complete check list of split body routines, full body workouts, etc,  THE HOLY GRAIL is where you’ll find them…

Pretty good stuff….

If you’re a female, the old fashioned formula for losing weight and TONING up using low weights / high reps, in most cases will PROMOTE GROWTH, not firm, tight muscle tissue.

For males.. If you’re seeking more muscular growth, I hope you find this article helpful by pointing you in the right direction..

The rest is up to your meal choices all day, especially before and after your training.

Train Smarter and Be GOOD at it!


PS.. If you’re ready to put on quality lean muscle mass THE HOLY GRAIL delivers… It is what it IS…



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