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How To Choose a Boot Camp or Personal Trainer? – Fit Tips Massillon, OH

How To Choose a Boot Camp or Personal Trainer? – Fit Tips Massillon, OH

With Boot Camps popping up all over the place and “EXPERTS” being a dime a dozen now a days, you might ask yourself, is a $5.00 boot camp or $20.00 per hour personal trainer what I’m looking for?  Tough choice in some cases.  Considering those options appear to be GREAT DEALS!

Perhaps this will help….. Below is a simple Guide To Making An Informed Decision So Results Come Quickly And Last Forever.  After all, you will be spending some money and more importantly spending your time.  If you’re serious about getting the body you’ve had or always wanted, who wants to waste either?

Okay- you’ve decided it’s time to “get in shape.”

Finally, you’re ready to look better and feel better the sensible way through nutrition and exercise. Because time and experience has shown you the truth… Diets don’t work, ab gizmo’s don’t work and infomercials are a joke.

You’re finally ready to get real and transform your body once and for all. You’ve heard the amazing success stories, watched many a late night episode of “Extreme Makeover”, read about the celebrities secret weight loss weapon…

And now you’ve decided to seek out the guidance of a personal trainer.  But  we know now that not all personal trainers are created equal!

Even if you choose the “BOOT CAMP” route or even the CrossFit route, you’ll want to know a few things about them right?

… So how do you find the right personal trainer or boot camp for YOU?  This scale might help:


1. They must be certified by a nationally accredited institution.

The gold standard for certification agencies are the American Council on Exercise, National Strength & Conditioning Association, and American College of Sports Medicine.

A qualified trainer should at minimum have a certification with one of these agencies. But that just means they’ve passed the “baseline of standards” to call themselves a personal trainer.  10 – 15 years ago, it was much tougher to get “CERTIFIED.”  Now a days you can do this online or if you had $1000.00 bucks or so, you can get it done in just ONE WEEKEND!  CRAZY but true!

BEING CERTIFIED does not mean they are good at what they do or can deliver a specific result.  IT JUST MEANS THE PAST THE TEST!

There is a big difference between a “trainer” and a “fitness professional.”

2. They should do more than just “take you through a workout.”

A top quality fitness professional does more than just “take you through a workout.”

Anyone can count to 15 by themselves and hold a stopwatch.

 Look for a coach who will educate you about all the components necessary to achieve optimal health and a fitness result. Your trainer should review nutrition education with you, educate you about proper supplementation, review resistance training (whether that be balance training, core work, etc.)

Cardiovascular exercise to maximize fat burning, flexibility to avoid injury and speed recovery and really walk you through all the steps that encompass the  “mental development” side.

Along with Goal setting, putting together a plan of action, and then holding you accountable and supporting you through the entire process is absolutely critical to your success.

3. Ask for Proof of Results

A top fitness pro should be able to do more than just talk about results- they should be able to prove they deliver. Ask for proof of client results. Do they have before & after photos of clients, testimonials, references? THEM PERSONALLY, NOT THEIR COMPANY or PRODUCT.

Can you speak with a client to inquire about their experience working with them? If a fitness pro can’t offer this kind of concrete proof than be careful.

4. Ask for a Guarantee

According to a Consumer Reports study there is more dissatisfaction in the diet industry than any other industry. That’s crazy. Think about it- if you took your car to a mechanic you’d expect it to be fixed- not come back with 2 or 3 pings and a loose belt!

Working with a fitness professional should be the same as any other industry. If they aren’t willing to guarantee your results then find someone who will. Spending your time and energy without a guarantee of results is like going to that terrible mechanic!

Don’t waste your money or more importantly your time working with someone who can’t offer an iron clad guarantee of your success.

5. Look for someone who will empower you for life!

A great fitness coach will do more than just help you to achieve your goals.

A true professional will teach you the foundation of knowledge so you will no longer be lost in the “sea of confusion” when it comes to all the diet and exercise hype.

The foundation of knowledge and correct technique you’ll learn will allow you to maintain your results for life!  That alone is tough to put a price tag on.

Knowing these basic guidelines will at least help you get started.  Then again if all the “pre-requisites” were met as mentioned above yet the trainer or workouts aren’t exactly FUN..  We both know what’s going to happen 🙁

To keep you on path, you’ll need to have FUN too.  Or you’ll quit or what some people do is continue to bounce around from place to place looking for the BEST deals.  In the end, that’s not productive and in most cases considered a huge waste of time for both yourself and the trainer.

In some cases, different trainer’s or facilities will offer a “free trial” or small “drop-in” fee so you can get your feet wet and see what he/she and their facility is all about.  That would certainly be an avenue you can look for.

We welcome anyone looking for a challenge as well as the “in-experienced” in our place from time to time for no charge.  Whether we’re hosting a special event or on a routine Saturday Special, YOU’RE welcome to come TRY US OUT!

Hint… we pass all the pre-requisites!  It’s up to you to see if it’s as FUN as
everyone says it is 😉

“I Absolutely love Tru-Strength. The people and the workouts are awesome! No other gym has EVER kept me as motivated as TS  – Traci M.

Thank You TS! The scales are heading back down again!!! Yahoo!!! Love the intense workouts!!!  – Anita M.

Big thanks to TS for pushing me to the point I wasn’t sure I could do anymore, and then pushing me more. I love you guys ♥  – Kati B.

Good Luck on your venture either-way!





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