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How To Lose 2 lbs A Week – and keep it off !

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How To Lose 2 lbs A Week – and keep it off !

Losing 2 lbs. a week may not seem like a lot, but it definitely will add up over time. This is especially good news for those looking to lose 5 – 25 lbs. You can safely lose 2 pounds a week with a few changes to your daily food intake and activity level.

How much do you need to lose?

Depending on how heavy you are will depend greatly on how easy it is to lose 2 lbs this week. If you are only 10 – 20 lbs overweight, weight loss can be harder than it would be for someone who is 50 – 100+ pounds overweight. Weight loss is possible!

How much should I eat?

First things first, starvation will only make your body hold onto fat longer. This will make it harder to lose weight. Protein and fiber are the number one choices for optimal weight loss. Getting plenty of both, as well as staying hydrated will suppress your appetite and keep you fuller for much longer. Evaluate your current diet and figure out what changes you need to make.

Start by cutting back on unnecessary sugars and carbs that only hold onto fat cells. I have yet to meet anyone who needs to eat less than 1,200 calories a day to successfully lose weight. If you only have a few pounds to lose staying within 1,200 – 1,500 calories a day will be the key to your weight loss. The more you exercise the more you need to eat, but do not fill up with junk. If you have more weight to lose, eating 1,500 – 1,800 calories a day is ideal. Everyone is different and these guidelines are simply a suggestion. Keeping a food journal and never going hungry are essential to weight loss that stays off!

How much exercise do I need?

Getting your heart rate up is another essential to weight loss. If your goal is to lose 2 lbs a week, then it is best to aim for at least 30 minutes of heart healthy cardio mixed with strength training a day. How do you know you are working hard enough? You should not be able to sing or carry on a long conversation. Depending on how many calories you consume a day, you may need to exercise as much as 45 60 minutes a day.

As mentioned, strength training can play a vital role in weight loss. The more muscle you gain, the better you will look and the more resting calories you will burn. Every pound of muscle burns up to 50 calories a day, this can really add up! Women, typically shy away from strength training, but it is so important to weight loss and should never be skipped. Try adding two – three days of strength training to your regime every week.

How to find the right program for you:

Some of the best programs are the ones that allow you to never go hungry. The Day Off Diet is one of the most effective programs available because it boosts your metabolism and will never require you to count calories. You will lose weight quickly with the list of fat burning foods that will satisfy your cravings and keep you fuller longer.

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Remember, this can be easy and of course it can be hard.  YOU CHOOSE.  I prefer easy !   The easier you can make this goal, the longer you’ll stick with it.

Change you lifestyle little by little until you get to where you want to be.



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