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How To Stay Motivated Through The Summer- Fit Tips Massillon, OH

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How To Stay Motivated Through The Summer- Fit Tips Massillon, OH

Here are a few simple tips that are sure to keep you on track AFTER your vacation.

Just in case you need a little extra motivation to keep training, keep eating healthy and not giving up.


#1. Change your thinking…. It’s “I GET TO GO WORKOUT”, not anything else.. They’re are many people in the world that would love to be able to throw some weights around and can’t.

Remember, it’s a PRIVILEGE, NOT A CHORE.

#2. SET A GOAL..  You can’t imagine how many of our promotional boot campers come to us with NO GOAL.. That can’t happen.  A goal has a deadline.  It means something. IT’S YOUR “WHY”

Remember this.. Failure does not occur when you fall short of your goal.. Failure only happens when you no longer have a goal to shoot for…..

#3.  Tell Someone…  This may sound pretty simple, but making your goal(s) public somewhat makes you accountable to them.  Just do it, it works.

#4.  Train with a Partner/Spouse/Your kids.. What better motivation can you have but a little competition. It doesn’t get any better than a strength or conditioning challenge among friends.  After all, who wants to be WEAK?

#5.  Train at the same time…. and make it work.  Even if you just went and did a little something.  Trust me, you’ll feel better after.

#6.  Attend a Boot Camp…  I can’t speak for other boot camps, but the ones we teach are motivating enough.  Plus we make sure to have a lot of fun.  I’m sure you can find one that has a lot of cool people.

#7.  GET A JOURNAL….  and write EVERYTHING down!  Your goals, your progress, your workouts, your meals, your mood, your feelings before and after you worked out… EVERYTHING!
Of course this works whether you need motivated or not.  Bottom line, Get a journal/notebook , etc. and use it.

#8.  Hire a Trainer… You might just need more accountability.  Or you prefer to train by yourself.  Either way a good trainer shouldn’t have any problems keeping you inspired.  Usually, the results you receive from hiring a good trainer normally takes care of any lack of motivation.

#9.  REWARD YOURSELF… Not like a pet! Don’t go chowing down on something not good for you just because you’re not getting the results you’re seeking.  You don’t want to set yourself back.  Instead save up your combo meal $$ and treat yourself to a new Fancy Dry Fit Shirt or pair of shoes.  Simply Gear up and hit the gym… Appearance and looking the part has been proven to help 😉

Give these a shot and stick with it… Even if you only workout 2-3 days per week.  Throw in some “At Home” workouts right after work, or before you go to bed and/or first thing in the morning.

Keep in mind that taking breaks is certainly important, but staying mildly consistent and making good decisions is what accomplishes goals.

BONUS TIP #10…  Catch Up with us on    You’ll always find some more nuggets you can use there too!




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