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Massillon Sports Performance Training- Benefits of Running Up !

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Massillon Sports Performance Training- Benefits of Running Up !

Bleacher / Stair running is a great, high-intensity workout that helps build speed, power and cardiovascular fitness. Stair running is also a great addition to any agility training program because it builds quickness and foot speed while getting an excellent sprint workout.

Running stairs provides a cardiovascular benefit similar to that of running and is a great way to build sprint power.


Many athletes run stairs at a stadium, but you can also look for a local outdoor stairway or a stairwell in a building with about a hundred steps.

If you haven’t done stair workouts before, you should plan to start slowly and gradually build up your time and intensity. Stair running uses muscles you may not have used before and overdoing your first workout will result in unnecessary muscle soreness.

Stair / Bleacher Running Guidelines

  • Make sure you warm up prior to your stair running workout.
  • Begin by walking one step at a time.
  • Avoid “running” stairs on your first few workouts.
  • Do no more than” two stair” workouts a week.
  • By week three you can begin running.
  • Use the return to the bottom as your rest interval
  • Add stairs / bleacher running into you workout routine on your high-intensity training days or as part of an interval training workout

Always stop your workout if you notice any injury warning signs.

If you don’t have a set up bleachers or stairs to run up, the second best thing which is a “Close” second would be a hill.  I think running up hills is incredible for building raw power, speed, conditioning, not to mention confidence.  A great quote from my friend Steve Preston say’s “hill sprinting is like lifting weights and sprinting at the same time”.  I would have to agree 100%.

Athletes of all ages will benefit by this form of training.  Excellent for burning tons of fat as well.  HINT.. if you need to lose weight, find a park with a big hill and start walking (running, sprinting) up it.  As always, be sure to check with your doctor before doing any sort of physical exercises, especially the ones that are discussed on this blog.

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