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Massillon’s First State Champion- TS Athlete’s Massillon, OH

Editorial Staff March 9, 2013 TS Athletes Comments Off on Massillon’s First State Champion- TS Athlete’s Massillon, OH
Massillon’s First State Champion- TS Athlete’s Massillon, OH

Every once and a while something happens in sports. Something more than just “special.” Something more than just incredible, even more than memorable.

Something that leaves you with a feeling of appreciation from simply witnessing it.

Something that can only be labeled as “Historic.”

On March 2nd, 2013, a student – athlete at Massillon High School accomplished something no one has ever been able to do in the history of Massillon Wrestling.

After battling through 4 matches at Sectionals, 4 matches at Districts, 3 intense, bloody, bruising battles at the OHSAA State Tournament which included two matches that went way past the six minutes of “regulation” time. It took 3 overtimes to win the quarterfinals and the semifinal came down to the “Ultimate Tie Breaker” which means you either have to “get away” or “control” your opponent for 30 more seconds.

The guy that does, WINS… Ivan did it!


With a bad ankle being over powered by determination, Senior Ivan McClay had one more match that guaranteed his name will forever be remembered as MASSILLON’S FIRST.

He wasn’t about to let that opportunity slip away.

After coming out of the famed tunnel of the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH, with walls covered with history of “FIRSTS”, Ivan looked calm. He didn’t limp. He didn’t seem at all nervous considering that this match was being witnessed by well over 13,000 wrestling fans that love to see history made and never hesitate to show their appreciation.

Once the handshake took place, the first whistle blown, it was game on. Ivan set a fast pace, doing what he’s done for past 10 years. Steady pressure, controlling ties and scoring points. After the initial heavy dose of adrenalin simmered a bit, the 1st period ended 2-0, Ivan.

The rest was just a matter of securing the title. He never got “out of position” in period two or three and finished the state final winning by the score 3 – 1.



Watch his Semi-Final Bout against Chance Driscoll, St. Edwards.

Watch HISTORY being made


Ivan’s been an dedicated athlete at the Tru-Strength Performance Center since the doors opened.  He even owns a few TS Records.

We’re very Proud to say he’s a member of our family.
Now he’s a Local HERO!




Congratulations to the whole McClay Family and Thank You for all the support and the special opportunity to see this MISSION was COMPLETED as PLANNED!

Time to prepare for a memorable, perhaps Historic Collegiate / International Career!




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