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Below is yet another example of the human body’s ability to display strength with age.  The video that you will see was recorded in 2007.  Within the video comments, the lifter (Mike Brown) recently stated that he is 67 years old and still going strong.  Three weeks ago he pressed 115 pound dumbbells for 8 reps.  Below you can see him repping 120 pound dumbbells.

Minutes after posting this video to my Facebook page, a 17 year old asked me if the weights were real.  He stated that he’s been lifting for 6 months and cannot imagine how a 67 year old could display such strength.  I then explained to him that one of the best supplements for strength is time.  Consistency is close behind.  If you are consistent and diligent, the gains will come.  And if you stay busy, you’ll retain the qualities that you’ve worked so hard to develop.

A few weeks or months is just a blink of an eye when you focus on the big picture.  Truly impressive feats of strength take time (years, not weeks or months).

As for age, it’s just a number.  You could be old at 35 or young at 65.  It’s up to you to decide.

Consider it yourself or keep making excuses !

Make Today Better Than Yesterday !!!!!!


Compliments of Tru-Strength Performance and Ross Enamait.

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