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Olympic Wrestling Clinic: Short Offense / Front Headlock Attacks- Massillon, OH

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Olympic Wrestling Clinic: Short Offense / Front Headlock Attacks- Massillon, OH

What an easy way to INSTANTLY IMPROVE your wrestling skills.
Get better at Front Headlocks.

It’s been proven in all levels of our sport how important it is to score points off your opponents shots.

Counter attacks without a doubt is the 2nd Highest Scoring opportunity you can take advantage of…


And the beauty of Front Headlocks is, you don’t have to have any ‘CONFIDENCE’ to hit them, unlike leg attacks.

Nearly all the confidence a wrestler must need directly comes from OFFENSIVE attacks.  After all, if you’re not confident in your shot(s), you probably won’t shoot a whole lot.  That leaves you with ONE less opportunity to score points.  You still however, have the opportunity to counter and score, in addition to turns on top.

The position of taking control of your opponent on your knees after a shot attempt is otherwise known as “Short Offense.”  The most common technique taught is simply a sprawl followed by squaring up your hips and taking your opponents angle away by forcing (pressuring) your weight on his back/shoulders/neck.  From this position, you’re taught to control the head (keep it down) and work to get behind his arms all while keeping your opponent on his knees.

There are literally dozens of attacks and setups you can use to make this fairly easy.  The bottom line, your opponent took the OFFENSIVE SHOT, your REACTION countered his shot and finish, in the end, you SCORE!


This will CRUSH your opponents confidence.  Which is exactly what you want to do to ALL OF YOUR OPPONENTS.

Make them TIRED and CONVINCE them you’re better.

On Saturday, June 23rd, Our Summer Camp System features a full 4 hours of Front Headlock / Short Offense Setups and Finishes all detailing this incredibly important position.

Our Headline Instructor is:  Thomas Straughn (Pictured above).
NAIA Collegiate National Champion; 2x Ohio State Division I State Champion (4x HS State Placer)

He made a living in his YOUTH, MIDDLE SCHOOL, HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGIATE CAREER using mainly ONE front headlock technique that NOBODY could stop, yet everyone knew they’d eventually have to try to defend. Sounds silly, I know.  Someone shoots, then has to defend themselves!  How cool is that 😉

Taking advantage of this opportunity will WITHOUT any doubts IMPROVE your wrestling skills tremendously. Your opponents will hesitate to shoot which will open up your attacks even more…  On June 23rd, You can position yourself as a FORCE on your feet, but you can’t claim that title if you’re always giving up take-downs.

Think about how good it will feel when you KNOW that NOBODY can take you down.  This camp will instantly help speed up that process!


WHEN:  JUNE 23rd, 12 pm – 4 pm
COST:  $50.00

ONLY 25 Wrestler’s are accepted in this camp.  All ages may apply.

CALL 330.737.1799 for MORE INFORMATION


REGISTER BY MAIL (print registration and send payment to):


2124 Wales Rd. NW
Massillon, OH  44646




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