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Overweight, yet FIT! Health and Fitness Tips- Massillon, OH

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Overweight, yet FIT!  Health and Fitness Tips- Massillon, OH



Is there such a thing as being overweight, yet fit?

Can overweight people get away with overeating by keeping their muscles trained and strong?

The Mayo Clinic along with the owner of Tru-Strength says they can’t.

It seems that all those extra pounds mean extra trouble no matter how much exercising is performed each day.


Carrying around extra body fat is simply not good for the heart.

The big question was….. can overweight people stay healthy by working out on a regular basis?


It sounded like a legitimate question because exercising just fifteen minutes every day makes a tremendous difference for overweight people.

Their blood pressure goes down and cholesterol levels drop, leaving the person in question in a much better mood because of the extra energy.

One might almost say that it’s not that bad to be overweight if you’re feeling great and you’re heart is not threatening to split your chest and jump out every time you go up a flight of stairs.

However, the experts from the Mayo Clinic say that being overweight is a risk factor for many health conditions and that exercises simply make you healthier for the moment. Exercises cannot lower the risk of developing diabetes later on and are not a surefire way of preventing heart problems.

Whether you’re exercising or not, those extra pounds have got to go.

On the other hand, an interesting result of these studies was the fact that people who don’t exercise are just as much as risk, regardless of their weight.

Our bodies are meant to endure a certain amount of physical exertion every day in order to function correctly.

Simply maintaining a healthy weight without regular exercise is not enough.

You have to get off the couch and start on some brisk walks. Thirty minutes a day five or six days a week are just what you need to do to stay healthy for without considering weight loss / increasing strength.

I’d even encourage practicing “functional” movements like squating (bending knees), along with some form of pushing, like wall pushups, etc..   Regardless of being overweight or not, you can do SOMETHING more then just walking.

Take for example a simple workout we finished with last night (no equipment needed):

1 pushup, 1 sit up, 2 pushups, 2 situps, 3 pushups, 3 situps, UP to 10 each..

We told our athletes to stop after 3 minutes of work regardless where they were at.. Some finished all 10, some came real close.  Either way, they did what they could do and that’s all we expect.

Sometimes when I hear “I CAN’T” it’s usually interpreted as……

I DON’T WANT TO.   Think about that!!

If you have you have issues with your weight or physical well being, you should want to do something about it.

Need Support, I suggest joining a boot camp or hiring a personal trainer

In addition to moving around more, start eating less processed foods and more fruits, veges, nuts, and lean MEAT (chicken, turkey, tuna, steak).

Keep in mind, YOU CAN’T “NOT EAT” and workout.. You have to eat something nutritious for your body to respond properly to various movements and recovery.


Easy choice really!


Hope this clears up a few questions that were asked last week!


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