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Perfect Time to Rant about “Quitter’s”

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Perfect Time to Rant about “Quitter’s”

Shortly after having a fun quiz that received tons of great responses, something very odd happened…  Now personally, I’ve been involved in sports my whole life, primarily wrestling. Through that single sport, I’ve learned enough about goal setting, planning, preparation, weight loss, strength training, conditioning, winning, losing and most of all how to handle a stressful situation that a typical person would do everything he or she can do to avoid;  Instead of facing the scenario head on and conquering it.

Which brings me to this….A while back I had 3 separate clients that came to me asking for my help.. They all have weight loss issues coincidentally… Yet, after 12 short weeks of training, ALL 3 Of Them “DECIDED” to quit.

I was told anything from “I thought I only agreed to 12 weeks,” to “I need to take a break and when I get my stuff together, I’ll be back.”

Believe me, after 15 + years of training athletes, I heard just about every excuse imaginable.. These were definitely nothing original.

What’s coincidental about this “rant”  is the fact that this is EXACTLY what separates the WINNER’S from the LOSER’S..  The “dedicated” from the “quitters”, those that accomplish goals and those that make excuses and blame others. (HENCE, THEIR DECISIONS)

Now, I completely understand that the type of training I provide is not for everyone.  But it’s catered to ones ability and structured for progression. RESULTS ARE FLAT OUT EXPECTED… What more can you ask for?  From my standpoint, just finish what you set out to do without making excuses… AND DO YOUR BEST….. THAT’S ALL!

We all deal with challenges, stressful situations, and scenarios that will beat the heck out of you if you decide to let them.. There is always a choice.  FIGHT OR FLIGHT…  I only know of one way!

Here is a perfect example..  When I first opened up my home base Training Center right next door to an established “gym.” Everything was going great.. Better than great I might add.. After only 6 months of ownership, the gym owner right next door seemed to have a problem with what I was doing and wanted to prove to himself that he was “THE MAN.”

The only problem was the facility next door wasn’t capable of providing the type of training I was.  It’s basically a room full of weights and machines.  Nothing fancy. You pay your membership and YOU DO THE REST.  No personal training, no assistance, NOTHING but a DIY Gym.

What he did next ended what I thought to be a good friendship!

He approached the landlord of the building I currently rent off of to see if he could rent a unit in order to compete with me.  The landlord agreed (imagine that).  His (the landlord) response to me was… “the owner of the gym next door, said he talked to you and YOU SAID IT WAS OK...”  what a bunch of B.S…. So in short, the owner of the “gym” next door LIED in order to get what he wanted and it worked.  I’d like to also add, all this was told to me AFTER those two already signed a lease agreement…  Talk about shady people..

The landlord never changed his mind, instead, fed me some legal claims that I could’ve fed right back to him based on our contract and agreement.  But I choose otherwise.

On one hand, you have a landlord that chose not to leave a unit “open” and didn’t give a sh%t about having two businesses competing against each other in the same building. And a ego maniac gym owner that had a taste of jealousy and would rather sin and tell a lie instead of maybe approaching me (like he said he did) and perhaps doing something together.

Meanwhile, the progress I was making was clearly taking care of itself by the RESULTS my clients (members) were and still are receiving.

Was I furious? Absolutely.  Believe me, quitting certainly crossed my mind.  I did a lot of complaining and arguing for what I thought was right, but soon realized I was attacking the situation all wrong.

I needed to focus on the results of my clients..  I needed to keep learning .
I needed to keep producing and most of all keep giving to those that trusted in me..

What separates my facility from all the rest is ME and the clients I have the privilege to train.  Nothing I do can be duplicated or copied, only imitated.  NOBODY CAN STOP ME FROM PROGRESSING, But Me…..

The bottom line is if you truly want to succeed in anything, it all starts with your decisions.. Real success comes from having a strong mindset and being determined to do what others won’t.

Napoleon Hill said it best…. “People who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. They know all the reasons for failure, and have what they believe to be air-tight alibis to explain away their own lack of achievement.

Two days after I had 3 Clients QUIT, I was honored to welcome 7 new member’s into my facility… A beautiful thing…

After 2 + years, I’m still in the same facility and yes and my clients are doing awesome..  I can only assume some “spies” from next door have called for “information” heck, even signed up and paid me just to steal some of my methods for the copycat GURU next door, but hey, I refuse to worry about what THEIR doing.

It’s happening by more people than just the guy next door..  If you’re reading this, you know who are you…… quit stealing my goods and be creative yourself….

In the meantime, I’ll continue spoiling my members with top notch instruction, my true personality and killer workouts that NOBODY else is doing!

In return, I get messages like these…

“What can I say but THANKS…The quality of instruction that you offer is second-to-none, and I have gotten into better shape working out with you in one month than I have been able to achieve in years on my own. You are an amazing trainer and now I can say a GOOD FRIEND.. Thanks for your help.”



“I know you can see where I’m struggling even when I refuse to admit it myself.  I really do appreciate what you’re doing. Especially that you’re making sure I’m able progress and push myself, but not so hard that I won’t be able to come back the next day.  I’m constantly impressed by the way you treat everyone.  You are a great motivator, always keeping it positive.  You frame everything as another step on the way to bigger and better.  In my case, you make me feel that it’s more like the first step of progress than a failure to do something. Thanks again..”



“I really appreciate the way you handle the class.  It’s pretty amazing how well you’re able to keep track of what everyone’s doing, and give so much constructive feedback during the session.  And I much appreciate the positive encouragement throughout.  Again, thank you for making the experience yesterday such a positive one.  I’m not really good at trying new things, but you make it easy. I can see why people keep coming back.  It’s much more than a typical training class….”


This is what will always separate me from all the rest..  Receiving emails, hand written letters, comments on my facebook page, etc, that give thanks to my efforts is why I do what I do.. Not to be rich and live in a gated community or drive a flashy ride, but to actually help someone do something they never thought possible and continue to do so with confidence.


Thanks for reading and this is the end of my RANT..

“You Never Know How Strong You Really Are Until……….. Being Strong Is Your Only Choice”




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