Sunday 17th December 2017,

Elite Competition Training

If you’re looking for the BEST OF THE BEST, you found it.


Our Elite Level Training is our TOP SHELF System that not only includes High Level Individual Coaching. You also have the chance to train with extremely motivated people that will help speed up your results.

This program is designed for a small group of 4 – 8 participants that are serious about their training, nutrition and accomplishing “Big Goals.”


CrossFit Open/Regionals, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Military — made easy! Thanks again, JP


Requirements: All participants must complete our General Fitness Assessment.

*Participants may need to complete a minimum of 6 Personal Training Sessions prior to joining.


Our Elite Level Training Includes:

** Individual CrossFit L-1 Coaching
** Strategic Programming
** Unlimited Sessions Per Week
** Weekly Benchmark Challenges
** Nutritional Meal Planning
** Random Body Fat Testing / Weigh-ins
** Motivational Material
** 24-7 Support

If you think you’re “in shape” and now you want more… or you’re training for a specific event… or you simply hit a plateau with your current training program?


Learn New Skills – Gain More Strength – Power – Speed


For More Information on Training Fees, Hours Availability, etc.,

Call: 330.737.1799.