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Prepare First, Lose Fat Second !

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Our lives are crazy busy today.  The last thing we want to think about is adding another task to our plates.  However in today’s life, we have to adapt if we want to become lean and lose body fat.  Being as busy as we are we must set ourselves up to be successful and like all achievements in life, we must have a plan to make success happen.

Fat Loss is no different.  You must have a plan and prepare for success.  Plan your exercise time and most importantly plan your meals.  Too often we have the best intentions of eating supportively but when it comes time to eat there are no healthy foods to be found, so we grab the first thing we see and nine times out of ten it is a very unhealthy food choice.  So how do we prepare foods ahead of time but not sacrifice too much time to the effort in order to make the task realistic?  By consolidating our efforts and a little multitasking.


First, you must set a plan for what you are going to eat for the week.  Sit down and write out a plan for this and develop a grocery list.  A grocery list is going to keep you on task while at the grocery store and you will be less likely to steer from that list.  Make the bulk of your list veggies, with some fruit and lots of options for lean proteins.  Creating supportive meals and snacks requires lean proteins as well as veggies with occasional fruit for optimal results.

Second, after doing your grocery shopping, using your meal plan you have all mapped out start preparing foods so that you can grab them quickly.  Pre-cook proteins like lean beef, chicken breast and fish, then package some in the refrigerator and the rest in the freezer.  Chop large amounts of veggies so you can grab them quickly to put in salads or as a quick side dish.  Small things like this are going to save you a ton of time with food preparation and you are essentially making healthy foods as easy to grab as a bag of chips or a candy bar.

All of this doesn’t have to take much time.  When you get home from grocery shopping before putting food away portion it out, cook, chop and then put away so you can save even more time.  So while you have proteins in the oven cooking, you can hard boil some eggs, chop peppers and onions, portion out extra lean beef into bags for freezing, and shred some cheese for a quick topping.

The last step is to make this a habit.  Don’t do it for a week then give up because it was too hard or it took too long.  It will get faster.  You will get accustomed to multitasking and preparing your foods for the week in 2 hours at the most and that includes grocery shopping.  Just like any other skill it takes practice to master.  Keep practicing and get better and better each time.  After the first week I know you will agree that your life is so much easier with prepared foods than it was before flying by the seat of your pants.

Give it a shot, stick with it and never give up.

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Compliments of Ben Warstler- Ben owns and operates a fast paced, heart pounding BOOTCAMP in Vermont.  He’s made it a mission of his own to help others find a way to get in shape, have fun and continue to push themselves beyond their comfort zones for incredible life-changing fitness results.

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