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Quit Talking and Start Doing- CrossFit Boot Camp Massillon

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Quit Talking and Start Doing- CrossFit Boot Camp Massillon

When it comes to health and fitness, we all tend to find excuses as to why we aren’t getting the results we think we deserve. Some of which make sense, others well… they are just excuses.

The facts remain the same, if reducing body fat is your goal, You need to have a plan. You need to have support. You need to have accountability. You need to have will power. You need to care. You need to quit talking and start doing.

Remember this Chinese proverb

The Best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second Best time is now…


First things first, your “WHY” needs to be identified and clearly detailed. If your answer is anything but being more healthy, or you want to reduce or eliminate your medications, you may have it all wrong. At the end of the day, if you’re wanting to lose body fat to LOOK DIFFERENT, your commitment will be short lived, however if you’re wanting to lose body fat to LIVE DIFFERENT you’ll find this is a better alternative and you’ll see results almost instantly. Change your thinking, change your results.

Gym Plan: If you’re not into “making yourself better” such as increasing your strength, speed, balance, coordination, flexibility, power, even being more agile and more accurate, it’s these skills we all possess that will help you improve your quality of life. You should want this more than anything else.

Who wants to be skinny, weak and tired all the time?

In 2015, we now have 1000’s of studies that have shown training with resistance is the way to go if you want to improve your strength in addition to improving your body composition. Studies have also shown that training with a friend or group of friends can not only help you stay committed, but training with the right friend(s) could speed up your results as well. The key, simplify everything you can. Train the least amount of time possible, challenge yourself routinely, get your frickin’ heart rate up… and be consistent.


No more excuses. We all live different lives. We all sleep different, eat different and handle stress different. Therefor, we’ll all get different results along the way.

Don’t compare yourself to ANYONE.

You can however compete and copy.

 Nutrition Plan: this is where everything usually becomes cloudy. Since it is 2015, the “How To’s” are everywhere. Friends are now doctors, relatives are specialists, everyone seems to have advice.

You have a new “Diet Plan” created every few months if not sooner. Some make sense, some are trying to sell you a protein shake for $150.00 a month along with a business proposition and a new car.

From previous experiences, advising someone on “what to eat and when” works temporarily. Advising someone to follow a “DIET” of someone else’s works temporarily. Teaching someone how to balance their metabolism and how to combine foods by far reaps the BEST rewards. The key, ensuring the goal is HEALTH.

Remember this quote,

Give a man/woman a fish, you’ll feed them for the day… Teach them how to fish, and you’ll feed them for a lifetime…  ~~ anonymous 

When it comes down to the basics, it’s simple, quit talking about it and just do it. You know what foods make you fat, you also know what foods DON’T. Most have no idea what “MODERATION” means. If we’re confused, lets back up a little.

You have to decide what is most important. There is nothing out there that can make you do what you truly want to do but YOU… That goes from eating a donut to saying no. If you want to see and feel change, you have to make the choice, then decide on that choice, then commit to that choice with no regret.

Start with figuring out how many calories you need daily. Create a calorie deficit by only reducing 10-15% at first. Start training with resistance. When I say resistance, I’m referring to pulling, pushing and squatting heavier weights. Get your heart rate up. Learn how to combine foods… Start with a Protein and a Fat, and a Protein and a Carb. If you’re wanting to reduce body fat, do your very best not to combine a fat and a carb very often… unless you’re combining all 3 🙂

 focusThe key is and will always be YOUR CONSISTENCY… it doesn’t have to be a struggle or have an end. Experiment until you find a plan that works and will continue to work forever. Make sure you’re well rested as often as possible. In other words, quit trying to make yourself more healthy, leaner, stronger, etc, while you’re constantly under-fed and only sleeping 4 hours a night. It simply doesn’t work.

You training plan + How you feel = Your new action plan.

If you’re tired and under-fed this isn’t an excuse to take the day off, simply be smart and do what you can under the circumstances. You may surprise yourself. If you have a coach, let them know first. If you’re on your own, make sure you have a spotter. If all else fails, do some cardio and prepare better tomorrow.

Bottom line, we have boot camper’s that want to start training with weights after learning of the benefits. We have CrossFitter’s that routinely use weight training that hasn’t lost a pound of fat in 2 months. Some of which are wanting to reduce their body fat and need to read this article while some are more focused on improving their skills. Eventually, they too will need to change in order to get better.

There will always be a better fat loss pill, water pill, meal replacement, supplement, body wrap, even training routine but when it comes to becoming healthier, more fit and looking your absolute best, this is how it works.

If you have a problem with understanding and think you know of a better plan, keep chasing short term solutions and remain ignorant to what’s really keeping you from your dreams and goals. When that plan fails, we’ll still be here.

















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