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Quiz: What Separates “The Have’s” From “The Have Not’s” In Fitness And Life

Quiz: What Separates “The Have’s” From “The Have Not’s” In Fitness And Life

Inspired by a very intelligent coach I respect and learned tons of great information from regarding health and fitness. With that said, I’d like to share with you a unique Quiz that not only will get your “creative thinking” juices flowing, it will also turn out to be a good mental exercise for those that participate.


In 1974 a freelance copywriter named Martin Conroy wrote what is widely regarded as the most successful single piece of advertising in the history of the world.

It was a simple two-page letter called “Two Young Men” that was the control piece mailed to generate subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal for almost a quarter century.

In that time it was responsible for over $1 BILLION in sales (with a ‘B’).

The letter is about two men who went to the same college, had similar grades and were both personable fellows.  They were very much alike, and both went on to work at the same company.

25 years later, one of the men was a manager of a small department within that company.  The other man was the company’s president.

After telling this story, the letter then asks, “What made the difference in their lives?”

The letter goes on to make the case that the difference lies in what each person knows, and how they make use of that knowledge, then transitions into how WSJ is that fountain of knowledge.

It’s a great story that clearly resonates with a lot of people.  And it sold WSJ subscriptions like crazy.

Certainly, it’s easy to agree with Conroy’s argument about knowledge and its application.

But there is something that happens even before the acquisition and application of knowledge.

And that ‘something’ is truly what separates the have’s from the have-not’s, the middle managers from the company presidents, the average fitness client that is getting crazy results from the client that struggles with everything he or she does and tries..

This quiz is about that ‘something.’

More clues…Quantcast


Socrates was one of the world’s most influential thinkers and philosophers. He was Plato’s teacher back in the fifth century and the originator of what is now called the “Socratic method” of inquiry and critical thinking in pursuit of solutions and truth.

As Socrates said, “an unexamined life is not worth living.”

The sad reality is that most people rarely take the time to think about WHO they are and WHY they do what they do, say what they say…

Instead they just react… salivating at the sound of the bell much like Pavlov’s dogs.

There are definitely times when thinking too much just gets in the way. It can actually interfere with performance, or stop you from even trying to perform.

But even that is worthy of thought, isn’t it?  (You can really go deep with this stuff.)

OK, let’s get to my question for you… your little quiz.

And there is only one correct answer.

Let’s see if you can get it right.  Here’s the question…

All other things being equal, (just like the two young men in Conroy’s letter), What is it that separates the “have’s” from the “have not’s”… when it comes to your fitness and your life? 

… at the most fundamental level?

It is truly the ultimate success secret.

Now, it’s not a character trait, like self-discipline, determination or perseverance, for example.

It’s not your values or your principles, although they play a role.

It could be considered a “behavior” – but it’s NOT something you physically do.

It occurs only in your mind.

So it’s NOT “action” – or “intelligent action” – or “informed action” – or “massive action.”  All of which are often referred to as the ultimate success secret.

The answer I’m looking for… PRECEDES action.

It’s what happens before any action can occur.

That’s why I say it is what separates the have’s from the have-not’s at the most FUNDAMENTAL level.

The answer is just one word, and using either the noun or verb is acceptable.

OK, that’s enough clues. Go ahead and post your answer in the comments section below. Write as much or as little as you feel is necessary – but correct answers MUST include either the noun or verb form of the word.  We’ll announce the winner soon.

Have fun and good luck.






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