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Rock Tape

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Rock Tape
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After recently suffering from an achy knee, I decided to do a hands on experiment with Kinesio Tape, specifically Rock Tape.

Prior to purchasing 2 rolls, I did a little bit of research via the internet and found mixed reviews regarding the science behind it along with its efficacy.

Thus having a few clients with bad shoulders, I reluctantly decided to see for myself and experiment.

After purchasing a couple rolls, I offered to try it out on a long time, trustworthy client that had a sore shoulder. Without having a medical consult, my client knew his shoulder pain wasn’t serious enough for a doctor visit, claiming he slept on it wrong and this has happened in the past. I had a local chiropractor that had experience with taping, do the job on my client.

His response was positive stating he definitely felt less pain and had a better range of motion. He left the tape on for approx. 3-4 hours.

Fortunately for me, I wasn’t banged up at the time and wasn’t able to test out Rock Tape myself. Until today.

Being familiar with the pain in my knee, I knew what caused it to hurt. Oddly enough, squatting didn’t hurt, dead-lifting didn’t hurt and jumping didn’t hurt. Walking/Jogging/Running caused the most pain on the interior side of my right knee.

So today, 2/13/15 was the day. I taped up my own knee as prescribed. Forming a cradle on my knee and reinforcing the area that felt the most pain. I did this approx. an hour prior to working out and left the tape on for 4 more hours.

I can only assume I did a great job tapping my knee. As strange as this may sound, I felt immediate relief walking. I didn’t jog or run, however I did perform heavy dead-lifts. Specifically, 3 sets of 3 with the heaviest being 85% of my 1 rep max. I also executed power cleans, hang cleans and cleans, squatting well below parallel.  Lastly, using a Concept 2 Rower and successfully finished a respectable 500 meter sprint without any discomfort in my right knee.  I didn’t set any new PR’s, but wasn’t planning on it considering I had problems walking.

My honest review, I can’t help but to say “I’m a believer.”

Check it out yourself. As it turns out, there are several different brands. From Spider Tech to KT Tape to quite a few other selections. This seems to be a more than just a trendy product. I can’t speak for the other brands, but I can definitely say there is something to the Rock Tape brand. I was relieved from the sharp pain in my knee and can without any doubt say what I experienced was not a placebo effect.

Don’t hesitate to do your own diligence.  LESS PAIN is BETTER!

You can find more brands and their prices here: Kinesio Tape.


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