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Wrestling Clinics

Tru-Strength is the Permanent Home of Roehlig Wrestling, LLC.

Roehlig Wrestling is a dedicated organization created to develop, teach, inspire, motivate and train young wrestlers. Under the guidance of Thomas Roehlig and his staff, training is available all year round through various Clinics and Clubs that are designed to help young wrestlers learn and develop the skills needed to overcome all the challenges our sport offers.

Our Seasonal Camps offer a variety of specialized training that are also available. We offer premier overnight and commuter camps that are complete with intense training, high percentage technique, strength training and amp’d up conditioning drills.

Our Camp System not only provides technique and one on one training, but also great competition among its members. Each member will have the opportunity to workout with some of the best wrestlers Ohio has to offer.

You can expect to learn how to train for optimal performance, how to fuel your body with the right nutrition as well as develop mat strategies that are a must for “Big Matches!”

The Total Package ==> Wrestling, Technique, Drills, Strength Training, Nutrition, and Sports Science all delivered in one location.

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