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The KING of the Equipment ! Massillon Health and Fitness

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The KING of the Equipment !  Massillon Health and Fitness


I’m looking to do some exercising at home, what should I get: kettlebells, dumbbells or a barbell?

It’s nice to say “I HAVE ALL 3 AND USE THEM EVERYDAY but…  for someone that has limited funds, space, etc., it could be a difficult decision, considering there really isn’t a WRONG answer!

One could argue, they all have advantages that separate themselves from one another.

In order to answer that question, unfortunately requires the inevitable, ANOTHER QUESTION 😉

“What are you trying to accomplish with your training?  More power, more speed, better balance, reduce weight, etc.?”

For weight loss, any one of the three can help lead you in the right direction when it comes to reducing body-fat, assuming you’re going to make smart decisions on what to eat and drink.

From a training perspective of improving one’s athletic ability in terms of speed, power, quickness, balance, etc, there is surprisingly a true LEADER of this trio-pack.

Before I expose the LEADER, I must say this question led me to do a little research of my own in order to see what studies were performed that determined advantages of each.

I found this:

BY SEEING THE TITLE ABOVE, I’m guessing you already know the answer is…….

DRUMROLL PLEASE…………………………………..

THE BARBELL…. which would be MY CHOICE as well!

All in all, THE BARBELL provides more powerful movements however, by utilizing the other tools (DUMBBELLS / KETTLEBELLS) you’ll be sure to keep your training fresh.  And who wants their training to ever get boring?

If you had to pick just one, GO WITH THE BARBELL…

As stated in the report above..  exercises performed with dumbbells and kettlebells may provide variation in otherwise monotonous training situations.

However, application of available research indicates the training stimuli elicited by these implements is less effective compared to the barbell.

The basis of strength & conditioning is developing neuromuscular (MS, RS & RS) and metabolic characteristics.

While dumbbells and kettlebells may be utilized for assistance exercises, the current available evidence indicates that barbell exercises should form the foundation of performance training programs.

Strength & conditioning professionals should consider the transfer of training principle when designing resistance exercise programs for improving performance.

With that said, if “weight loss” is your NUMBER ONE goal, you will not go wrong by choosing THE BARBELL either…

One could imagine the advantage of kettlebells and dumbbells when considering improvements of grip strength and how dumbbells can simulate various movements in sports…… THE BARBELL simply out performs them both in all aspects of enhancing performance.

With any training program or exercise routines, technique is critical when it comes to progressing as well as protecting yourself from injury.

The best advice to give would be to stick to the basics and progress slowly.

Basic Barbell Movements / Lifts / Exercises:

DEAD-LIFT, SQUAT, BENCH.  All three will require practice that will lead to increasing the amount of weight lifted by using proper technique.  For any and all “RECORD SETTING” days, having a spotter there to assist would help for obvious reasons.

Along with the three basic movements listed above, I’d also recommend:
Over Head Press, Push Press, Cleans, Curls and Bent-Over Rows.

A great way to utilize THE BARBELL for both weight loss / calorie burn, and strength endurance would be to couple a serious of exercises together otherwise known as a Barbell Complex.

An example might look like:

Deadlift:  3 reps
Cleans:  3 reps
Squat:   3 reps
Press:  3 reps

Rest 1 minute and repeat 4 more times with one minute rest in between rounds.

The fact that you can create dozens of TOTAL BODY or SPLIT BODY workouts, yet keep them quick, intense and very productive by using only a barbell is a pretty good feeling considering the minimal investment.

There you have it…  Not only did you find out what piece of equipment to use that out performs the rest for nearly every goal imaginable, you even got hooked up with an basic Barbell Complex that will have your heart racing in less than 30 seconds.. (depending on how much weight your using 😉

Hope this helps !!!



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