Sunday 17th December 2017,

Military Prep Hero Camp




Tru-Strength provides a structured Military Prep Hero Camp that is led by US Sergeant– David Jatich, Josh McClay and Coach– Tom Roehlig.

Our Military Prep Program provides traditional Military testing along with training inspired by our Special Services that will challenge your mental toughness, strength and endurance.

The program is designed to increase your work capacity, develop un-paralleled conditioning and improve your confidence in just a few short weeks.

You will be challenged emotionally, psychologically and physiologically to the edge of human capability and personal tolerance using the most effective method of training available.

If You’re looking to place high in the rankings or simply earn the right to be called a Soldier… Our program will have you more than Prep’d for Basic Training.

This May be Your ONLY chance to Prepare






“Maximize Your Performance”
… in just 10 Weeks



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* Accurate Weigh in

* Body Fat Test

* Upper Body Strength Test (60 sec.)

* Lower Body Strength Test (60 sec.)

* Conditioning Test (5 min.)

* Performance Nutrition Guide

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