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How To Be a Better Role Model? Fitness Tips Massillon, OH

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How To Be a Better Role Model? Fitness Tips Massillon, OH

Been Thinking about Losing Weight? Getting in Shape?
Toning Up? Watching Your Diet?

Heck, Your New Year Resolution is 45 + Days Past Due and
You Still Haven’t Started!


The Sad Thing is You’re Not Alone! Procrastination isn’t anything new, especially when it comes to “working out”, “dieting”, “getting in shape”, and committing to something you’ve failed at before. Most of us predict the results based on those previous failed attempts.

The bottom line, it isn’t easy. But it can still be fun.

You just need to find a NEW REASON to complete the task.


Here are a two examples that are no laughing matter!

#1 Reason (outside of being healthy 🙂  YOUR KIDS…

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How are their eating habits and foods choices

  • How much exercise do they get

  • How much time is wasted on T.V., video games, mobile devices 

  • What are their friends doing, interests, hobbies, etc.


Maybe you can change some things like…

  • Start sitting down together, as a family for dinner?

  • Start providing healthy snacks around the house?

  • Start having family activities like hiking, sporting events, anything?


Instead of focusing on the outcome of your training, focus on the outcome of what working out and being healthy YOURSELF will do for your KIDS…

You’re THEIR Leader.

It’s easy to reference the fact your kids may not listen to you MUCH, but they will always COPY YOU!


Reason #2

 NO KIDS… or they are all grown up! No Problem… Do it to help another friend or family member. We all know the power of numbers. At TS, you’re surrounded by “friends” that want to see you succeed. Once you get started, you never know who you may inspire to do the same.  At the end of the day, you can be responsible for helping someone else while taking care of yourself at the same time. How cool is that!

Need another reason, how about a FREE BOOT CAMP Class at TS or even a FREE INTRO to CROSSFIT Session.

Your choice!

All you need to do is complete the form below to get started!



NOTE: Our Boot Camps are limited to only 20 Participants; Intro to CrossFit Sessions are limited to only 10 Participants.

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