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You need STRENGTH to DIG DEEP- Fitness Tips Massillon, OH

You need STRENGTH to DIG DEEP- Fitness Tips Massillon, OH

Only by contending with challenges that seem to be beyond what your strength can handle, at that moment, you can grow more surely towards accomplishing your goal(s)….  Brian Tracy 

Strength and Growth come only through continuous effort and struggles  —  Napoleon Hill

 Where there is no struggle, there is no Strength  —  Oprah Winfrey

What do these quotes mean to you?  Not sure yet, how about this one:

Very Few men and women during their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling withing them.. There are deeps wells of strength that are never used…  or perhaps…

You will never know how STRONG you really are until…… Being STRONG is your only choice.  

Murph 3Now, there are many things in life that will test your will, your patience and your desire to keep trying, yet many of the toughest challenges, most people choose not to face.

But for those that do…. Well, success and self gratification is inevitable.

For the 8th time on November 10th, our facility will be hosting one of the chosen workouts that will always test your STRENGTH, both physically and mentally.  Truth be told, some just look at this workout and claim “that will kill me,” or they render some other excuse as to WHY NOT..

The workout has been titled, THE MURPH.”  It includes:


  • 100 PULLUPS

  • 200 PUSHUPS



For those prepared, they will do this workout as fast as they can.

The fastest time at our facility is 26.44 seconds set by Ivan McClay.

The second best time was just 28 seconds behind at:  27 min 11 sec.

Both were set on Veterans Day back in November, 2011. Both times will be beat, perhaps this time or the next.


We do this as a Charitable Event with all proceeds going to the chosen Military Organizations: * The Wounded Warrior Project – * The Lt. Micheal Murphy Foundation- * The Navy Seal Foundation

You can learn more about this nationwide event by visiting:


In short,  June 28th, 2005…

A team of Navy SEALs led by LT. Michael P. Murphy on a mission to capture or kill a key Taliban leader, found themselves seriously out numbered in a firefight with well over 100 enemy troops.

Pinned down and under intense enemy fire, their communications operator severely wounded, they were in desperate need for help.  Due to the mountainous terrain, their communications could not be received. Understanding the situation, LT. Michael P.Murphy moved to opening exposing himself to enemy fire to use his satellite phone to request immediate support to save his team.  LT Murphy was mortally wounded making that call.

Lt Murphy had a favorite workout he would do to prepare for his deployments.

This was the one.

As a tribute to Lt. Murphy, our facility hosts the MEMORIAL DAY MURPH every year on MONDAY, six months later, we do the same over VETERANS DAY weekend in honor of our fallen soldiers.

Anyone can do this workout without fail. The oldest participant we had was 63 years old and the youngest was 12. Keep in mind, the workout can and will be scaled in anyway possible.  Not to mention, no one is treated any differently if they’re not able to finish.  It’s not the workout that counts.  It’s WHY you’re taking part that’s most important.

Last year, we had participants come in from all over, even different states to participate. This year won’t be any different. On November 10th from 9 am – 12 noon, you can bet on dozens of supporters present at our facility paying tribute to our troops.

If you’re interested in attending this event at our facility or donating to the cause, please call 330.737.1799.








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